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EZ Courier provides a superior quality service and innovative solutions to meet your individual as well as corporate needs of delivery. We provide courier services in almost fifty states accross USA. We cater for your courier as well as trucking needs, from an envelop to large packages and from cargo vans or a truck load to large consignments, we are there to serve you !


EZ Courier has trained and skilled messengers who have detailed knowledge of Manhattan to efficiently serve customers in the city. We provide door to door Messenger Service in NYC.....


EZ Courier offers Premium service i.e. we pickup only your package and drive it straight to the destination.Express Courier service which can provide you prompt pick-up and immediate.....


EZ Courier has a truck fleet comprising of multiple trucks of varying sizes e.g. 12 ft, 18 ft, 24 ft. etc. Although spot truck services are usually available however due to high .......

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We provides courier service in major states